Bird Flu warning by United Nations

Bird flu is dangerous epidemic. and long after the world became anxious because of bird flu, the United Nations (UN) released a warning that a new instance of the spread of viruses carried by birds migration in Asia.

Derivative virus spread in China and Vietnam, and presumably is a way to survive the latest variant of the vaccine, the United Nations Food and Agriculture FAO states such as news agencies quoted from CBSNews.

Last week, the World Health Organization reported that a national Cambodian boy lifeless of bird flu in mid-August. In Cambodia, he was the sixth victim who was powerless against the strength of the bird flu virus.

In Vietnam, most of northern and central regions are now beginning to be haunted by a new derivative of bird flu virus.

Beat on high viral power makes a lot of countries that were previously considered to be clean on home for developing new such as Israel, Palestine, Bulgaria, Romania, Nepal and Mongolia.

Since it was first detected in 2003, the world's 331 recorded lifeless of around 565 cases of bird flu positive.

Most countries from about 63 countries infected with bird flu, with 2006 as the peak of the outbreak, the virus has destroyed. But, still, some countries such as Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Vietnam is endemic.

In humans, bird flu cause eye infections, symptoms of common colds and respiratory distress.