Anna Hazare anti-corruption campaign in Cyberspace

Anna Hazare
Anna Hazare

In fact Anna Hazare anti-corruption campaign is also echoed in cyberspace. Various social media sites to be a place to voice and information about the hunger strike undertaken Anna Hazare with dozens of followers.

Quoted from the pages of the Times of India, anti-corruption movement by means of Facebook and Twitter in delivering its agenda. In addition, information and agenda are also conveyed through the pages

On Facebook accounts are followed by tens thousands of people, the supporters of Anna Hazare submit their comments about the hunger strike. Campaign on Facebook has also called his supporters to deliver anti-corruption message and its action agenda to their friends via SMS chain.

Anna Hazare received the most support when detained by police on August 16. Within hours after the arrest, the hash tag #isupportannahazare a topic of trends in twitter in India. Some supporters of the action and even changing their account images into photo Anna Hazare.

"We're going on a hunger strike until you're released. All Indian youth along with you. Who said that Mahatma Gandhi had died. He's still alive and the world support him," commented a man named Jashan Joshi in the account.

Anna Hazare
also had to use the YouTube service to deliver his message. Shortly after his arrest, Hazare calls through Youtube so that his supporters do not be goaded by opponents of their actions. He also said that the action is peaceful, without violence.

"Dear compatriots, the struggle for the freedom of the two has begun. I was detained. Is this fight going to stop? Of course not. Do not let it happen," said Anna Hazare on Youtube.