Clashes between Mass with Police in London

Some riots between the mass with the police in Tottenham, north London, on Saturday night, August 7, 2011. Resulted in violent clashes that led to the burned two police cars and damaged several buildings around the area.

Quoted from page Associated Press Sunday, August 8, 2011, riots occurred right in front of Tottenham police station. In addition to two police cars, mass burn bus and destroy the glass buildings in the area.

Reportedly, as many as 100 policemen and riot troops overwhelmed by the approximately 500 people angry. Mass threw stones at police and Molotov. Mass also reported looting in some shops in the area.

The young men who wear facial coverings are also destroying the Barclay bank window and fired several rounds at police. There are no reports of injured in the clashes yesterday.

"It's terrible. There were two police cars were burned, I felt insecure," said one eyewitness, David Akinsanya, 46.

The unrest was triggered by the death of a resident, Mark Duggan, 29, allegedly a member of the gangster, after engaging in a shootout with police last Thursday. The masses who are mostly friends Duggan angry and attacked the police station.

For capturing and burning spirit of the masses, friends and family of Duggan's messages on their Twitter page. A photo of burning police cars have reportedly re-tweet more than a hundred times.

"It all comes down and attacked 50 policemen in Tottenham. I hope one of the policemen have died," wrote someone with the name of Classic Frank on Twitter, reported by the Daily Mail.

Tottenham, a city with nearly half its citizens live below the poverty line make this city one of the most vulnerable across the United Kingdom. Worst riots occurred in 1985 in settlement Broadwater Farm, Tottenham. A policeman was killed at the time, and more than 60 officers were injured.