Nick Heidfeld fire from Renault F1 team

Nick Heidfield
Nick Heidfield

Nick Heidfeld fire from Renault F1 team. Whereas the Belgian Grand Prix is in sight.

As reported by the BBC, growing speculation about who replaces Nick Heidfeld at Renault. Brazilian rider Bruno Senna is known as a strong candidate.

If all goes smoothly, Bruno Senna will duet with Vitaly Petrov. Senna's last season on the HRT and the team failed to win a point. Bruno Senna definite than Nick Heidfeld was that he would bring in more sponsors.

It is believed to be the cause why Heidfeld was sacked. Nick Heidfeld received a salary while Senna actually bring in money.

At Renault, Nick Heidfeld into the early season with the task of replacing Robert Kubica who suffered severe injuries in a rally. In F1, Heidfeld is a veteran racer. He has ten years experience and was chosen because of his skills Lotus wash points.

This is demonstrated by perched in eighth position with 34 points. With 34 points, he was 2 points ahead of Petrov. It could be that the decision to fire Heidfeld Renault is gambling big on the achievements since Senna's better known as 'the nephew of Ayrton Senna' rather than a great racer.