Some Celebrity who often Cast the Lawsuit in an Advertising Company


Many Hollywood celebrities have a high income and has many valuable assets of his hard work. So it makes sense if they wanted to protect his prized asset. Including protecting themselves from everything that can be defamed as a public figure who has always been a highlight of many people.

There are even some celebrity who often cast the lawsuit in an advertising company, because felt good name defamed. Ranging from Lindsay Lohan to Lady Gaga. They are touted as a top artist of the most frequently filed suit. The following information is quoted Hollyscoop page:

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian demanded clothing brand Old Navy and its parent company, The Gap Inc. to the Federal Court in Los Angeles. As quoted by news agency Associated Press (AP), Old Navy has been accused of violating the rights of publicity because it features women who like Kim Kardashian in her ads. Therefore, Kim asked for the clothing brand stop using the models in their advertising.

In the video uploaded Old Navy ad on YouTube, it does look dark-haired figure of a woman whose face was almost like Kim. Since uploaded February 17, 2011, ad with the headline 'Super CUTE' has been viewed more than 2 million people.

In her complaint, Kim claims, consumers likely confused and mistook that existing models in the video is her. As is known, Kim Kardashiaan herself has many fans. She was noted to have eight million followers in Twitter, and more than 5 million fans on Facebook. Kim also managed to occupy the first rank as the celebrity most sought-after people on the internet.

Lindsay Lohan
In 2010, Lindsay Lohan filed for U.S. $ 100 million to the company E-Trade. She filed the lawsuit over the ads using her name to their advantage.

In the ad, E-Trade depicts a woman's baby is called a thief boyfriend and milk enthusiast.

Commercials featuring a baby boy who plays the stock market, and apologized to his girlfriend, because they do not call her yesterday evening. Then, the baby girl suspecting her rival, then came the words "that Linsday, milk enthusiast".

Feeling scorned, a lawyer suing E-Trade uses Lindsay's name and her character for not paying or asking permission. She felt her rights had been violated. She also revealed, with this ad company has gained an advantage, as the ad watched by millions of people who watched the Super Bowl.

However, the E-Trade lawyers rejected the claim made Lindsay Lohan. They claim Lindsay randomly chose the name. "We only use the most popular baby names who happened cooperatively with others," said E-Trade spokesman, Chris Brown.

Bette Midler
Bette Midler is known to have a big voice. Apparently, he thought, others with a great voice has been imitating him. In 1989, Midler sued an advertising agency that produced an ad featuring one of his hits. He claimed the song was sung by someone who was ordered to imitate his vocal inflections.

Tara Reid
American artist, Tara Reid sued the Sky Las Vegas Condominiums for publishing the ad reads, "Dear Tara Reid, come and let it all go hang out." Because of this ad statement, Reid sued the company for allegedly exploit her name and create the impression obscene.

Lady Gaga
In March, Lady Gaga sued the ice cream company in London who introduced ice cream named "Baby Gaga". Lady Gaga has threatened to sue the owner of an ice cream parlor that produce merchandise with the mother's milk.

Lawyers representing the controversial singer has sent a subpoena to the ice cream shop. In the letter, ice cream parlor was asked to change its brand name.

In a warning letter, the lawyer accused shopkeeper Gaga, Matt O'Connor, promoting a product in a provocative manner with allow name Lady Gaga.

The letter also noted, product names using the name Lady Gaga deliberately for the sake of profit. Moreover, the name is deliberately used for the promotion of ice cream products.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen filed for U.S. $ 100 million to Warner Brothers. Sheen sued the makers hit sit-com on TV's "Two and a Half Men" because it has decided contract unilaterally.

Men 45 years of this, demanding to be paid for eight episodes from the show that was canceled in January. He also demanded to get unpaid fees. Sheen in the opening session of naming the show's producer, Chuck Lorre, as a defendant.

Sheen's lawyer wrote: "Chuck Lorre, one of the richest people in television that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Believe in yourself for so rich and powerful that it may unilaterally decide to take money from players who are dedicated and crew from the popular television series, Two and Half Men, in order to serve his own ego and self-interest," he said. The lawsuit was initiated in Sheen in court in Los Angeles.