Buffalo HD-PNTU3 with USB 3.0

Recently Buffalo Technology, a provider of design and manufacture of storage networking solutions unveiled its newest product, the Buffalo Seri Ministation HD-PNTU3. This product uses USB 3.0 technology and Turbo Copy and Turbo PC.

Buffalo HD-PNTU3 offers high performance in a slim and lightweight with 3.5-inch size and 175 gr. With USB 3.0 support is also suitable fit with USB 2.0, transfer rate three times that of USB usual.

"With USB 3.0, data transfer rates three times more fast. If using a regular USB data transfer reached 30-40 minutes, with USB 3.0, just within a minute," said Hendry Oto, Product Specialist, PT. ECS Indo Jaya, Jakarta.

In addition to about the speed of data transfer, this product is equipped with 3 elements absorsing shock chassis, which is up chassis, HDD, and low chassis, which helps protect the user's hard drive from shock and impact. In one occasion, demonstrated how this product was slammed several times, but when connected to a PC, there is no problem of data loss or undetectable.

To protect data from unwanted access, this product is equipped with 256-bit AES Encryption Full Disk. Easily, in the menu Hardware Encryption to stay updated, and written in the desired password, your data can certainly be safe from the hands of ignorant. "Our experience, when the password is forgotten, the restore still will not be able, for it not to forget the password," added Henry.

Overall, Buffalo HD-PNTU3 with USB 3.0, Turbo PC, as well as Turbo Copy, offers to its devotees with 3 advantages of speed, Anti-shock, and Hardware Encryption. "The trend forward the hard drive it like this yes, hardware encryption and anti-shock," said Henry.

For Buffalo HD-PNTU3 warranty, PT. ECS Indo Jaya as the distributor provides after-sales service and 3 years. "Warranty 3 Year, full replacement, we replace its hardware," said Hendra.