Rihanna Favorite Food


Thinking of chocolate ice cream melt on the tongue, who is not tempted. This snack also appeared to be a favorite food and sedatives for Rihanna. For Rihanna's life will feel empty without chocolate ice cream.

Unlike the other top singers, Rihanna became the artist who was busy attending various diet to maintain ideal weight. Even his personal trainer, Ary Nunez does not prohibit Rihanna eating her favorite foods that contain high calories.

"Ice cream chocolate is the favorite food. Rihanna said to me, if it does not touch the chocolate ice cream could be catastrophic for her. So I do not forbid to eat her favorite food," Ary said as quoted by page omgwire.

Ari said, unlike other singers who are too strict a diet for the sake of keeping up appearances. Rihanna just does not follow the diet even though she tried to always eat healthy foods regularly while touring her music.

"She likes to protein foods, foods contain lots of water, olives and other fruits. She was able to reconcile how the body reacts to different foods. "

The experts also reveal Rihanna active fitness exercise. Including the training of martial arts, like karate, tae kwon do and kung fu. This martial art believed to be able to help maintain an ideal body shape.