Chinese Seized about 26 tons of Milk containing Melamine

Chinese police seized about 26 tons of milk containing melamine at a factory in Chongqing city. The plan, the milk will be used as material for ice cream and cake

Reporting from the CNN page, Wednesday, April 27, 2011, Chinese Public Security Bureau said the milk was stored in the warehouse stock of plants. At that time, the factory temporarily closed for maintenance of production machinery.

Because of this closure, milk contaminated with melamine have not been used for food and spread in the community. At the factory also found old stock that should have been discarded, but it seems to still be marketed.

Five suspects detained by police, including the manager of the company. All five are likely to face criminal charges.

China's food sector has long been overwritten and the contamination of food poisoning scandal. In 2008, at least six children were killed and 300,000 others are ill from drinking milk containing melamine.

Melamine is used in the milk to deceive inspectors food. Adding melamine to milk products and foods can increase the level of protein, but the lead is high in melamine can damage the kidneys and cause other health problems.

In this year alone, the Chinese government has found levels of toxic and harmful additives in pork, bean sprouts, and bread. To date, 21 persons have been sentenced from pollution, two of them were sentenced to death.