Celebrities Not the Guest List Wedding Ceremony Prince William and Kate Middleton

The couple Victoria and David Beckham, Elton John and director Guy Ritchie is considered lucky because they get an invitation to attend the marriage Prince William and Kate Middleton. Some of the celebrities who were invited actually do not expect the guest list wedding ceremony Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Katie Price
Model and British singer is feeling himself a valuable asset for the UK. He also has a mind of her will get an invitation to attend the William-Kate's wedding. Unfortunately, the kingdom did not think so. Hope women born May 22, 1978 was not granted.

Paris Hilton
Artist and socialite, Paris Hilton has openly expressed his desire to get an invitation to attend the wedding of Prince William. Understand it, Paris is one of the celebrities who greatly admired the British royal family.

Even to get an invitation, the heir to one of these hotels try my best. He tried to call all the numbers he has contacts in hopes of getting an invitation. But he has not been lucky. His name was not included in the invitation list.

Sarah Ferguson
Although status as a former wife of Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson did not get an invitation to attend the William-Kate's wedding. Sarah was invited because of his unfaithfulness to Prince Andrew who is exposed to 1996 is considered one of the reasons she was not invited.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney did not enter the name on the guest list. This could be a question because these musicians have a big name in England. Not only that, McCartney also one of the musicians who get title Sir from the kingdom. Legendary band The Beatles are just unable to compete with soul singer, Josh Stone who was invited to the wedding William and Kate.

Daniel Craig
Starring James Bond is also regarded as a celebrity who was lucky because he did not get a wedding invitation William-Kate. In fact, Craig has a great name as a successful British actor in Hollywood. He is also regarded as a meritorious person who made England increasingly popular. It turns out, Craig did not make a big name British royal interested to invite him as a guest.