Alexander Poteyev Leaked the 10 Spies in Disguise in United Statesa

Alexander Poteyev former Russian intelligence officer was sentenced as a traitor. Because, he leaked the 10 spies in disguise in the United States.

In the trial in absentia, Moscow District Military Court stated, Alexander Poteyev guilty of desertion and high treason. 25 years handed down verdicts in the trial is closed to the public. The judge also removed all the titles and service marks.

According to the court, Alexander Poteyev oversees the Russian sleeping agents in the U.S. in his capacity as deputy head of the Department 'S' - under the Russian foreign intelligence service.

The trial took place without the presence Poteyev who fled to the U.S., some time before the FBI announced they uncover a Russian spy network last summer. He even left his wife.

In court, the judge reveals the short message Poteyev parting with his wife, Marina. "Mary, remain calm. I will go, not for a short time. But, forever. I do not want this, but I have to do it," he said.

Among the leak Alexander Poteyev is the beautiful intel, Anna Chapman who became a sudden celebrity because of this scandal.

Women whose original name was Anna Kuschenko also testify in court. As the Russian media is loaded, Chapman said, Poteyev allegedly providing information leading to the arrest and the nine other agents.

Chapman said, he was arrested after a U.S. spy in disguise contacted using a secret code that only he and Alexander Poteyev knows. At that time, a bad feeling he had felt.

Another agent confirmed the statements Chapman. That only Poteyev who have access to sensitive data that allows U.S. authorities catch them.

Then that happened, the spies were then deported to Russia, allegedly exchanged with U.S. intelligence who was detained in Russia. This is a spy scandal since the Cold War.

Although time to be part of the controversy, the arrest actually benefit the Russian intelligence. Return to his country, they are considered heroes.

Especially Anna Chapman. Not only emerged in the launch of the Soyuz TMA-01M rocket and a model Maxim magazine cover. On New Year's Eve 2011, intel beautiful crowned the 'Woman of the Year', aka the most popular women by Russian state television station, Channel One.

In addition to working at a top bank in Russia, Anna Chapman also got a position as a youth leader in the political party of Prime Minister Rusia.