Controversial Kiss in Hollywood

Controversial Kiss in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Here the record of controversial kiss from Hollywood celebrities is make hot news at that time.
Charlize Theron and a woman is lucky
The actress Charlize Theron is one smart businessman. In a charity event, she did a pretty desperate action to get the money charity more than $ 30,000. Charlize Theron was auctioning off a kiss session. There was a man who bid USD $ 135,000, but then do not get it because there was a woman who bid U.S. $ 140,000. They were kissing on stage charity for 20 seconds.
Charlize Theron kiss
Charlize Theron Kiss

Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson
In her first appearance after the case of her husband's infidelity is revealed, Sandra Bullock again making news. In accepting the award Generation Award, the MTV Video Music Awards, she kissed Scarlett Johansson. "We've done it and want to return to normal life, because the cost of therapy is very expensive," Sandra Bullock said, as quoted from Marie Claire.
Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson kiss
Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson Kiss

- Miley Cyrus and background dancers
This 17-year-old singer, a lot of criticism. After her appearance, which are too open in his latest video clip, Miley Cyrus re-create the commotion. She kissed her lips with his female backup dancers while singing the new song titled "Can not Be Tamed," in the show Britain's Got Talent.
miley cirus kiss
Miley Cyrus Kiss

- Britney Spears and Madonna
In 2003 the opening of the MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna and Britney Spears duet singing their songs. They then closed the performance with a kiss. The kiss was touted as the 'kiss of death' for Britney, because after the incident in her music career plummeted.
Britney Spears and Madonna kiss
Britney Spears and Madonna Kiss

- Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman
It seems that the MTV awards, presenting the same-sex kissing as a 'charm'. In 2007, Jessica Biel and a comedian, Sarah Silverman, kissing backstage. This moment is also used as a joke for Madonna and Britney.
Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman kiss
Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman kiss