Chinese Denied Involvement in the Attack Electronic Mail Service

The Chinese government denied involvement in the attack electronic mail service owned by Google, Gmail. This statement came out a day after Google said it carried out the burglary possible intruder from Jinan, China.

Google found a number of accounts of senior officials from the U.S. and an important figure burglarized hundreds of intruder. The victims, including military officers, bureaucrats Asia, activists, and journalists. They deluded give Gmail account password to cyber criminals.

As reported by the page International Business Times, Thursday, June 2, 2011, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson of China, Hong Lei,, say, it can not be accepted if all errors are addressed only to the Chinese government.

"China itself has become a victim of intruder attacks, and the government has given great attention to the security of cyberspace," he said. "The statement that says that the Chinese government supports piracy attacks, has ulterior motives."

On the other hand, Google reveal the motives of the intruder that want to monitor the contents of electronic mail, with a mode using stolen passwords and then change the settings for the email channel.

One of the world's largest Internet company, said that the latest computer-based invasion attack directed at a variety of Western companies. Guardian of the British news agency reported that "The sophistication of attacks and their highly targeted nature, has a motive eliminating direct financial benefits."

Google says, it is possible hijacking attacks, sponsored a state.

This hijacking attacks surfaced a day after the U.S. government plans to create a law that states intruder attacks is a form of war.

United States Department of Defense announced that the military is prepared to use violence in response to the threat of intruder. The operation of this new virtual world will become active next month.