Celebrating Lee Min Ho Birthday

lee min ho picture
Lee Min Ho

Korean actor Lee Min Ho birthday in June 22. There was no lavish party at the actor's birthday. Instead, Lee Min Ho should spend his time on the film set.

To comfort him and also his fans, Lee Min Ho has a unique way of celebrating his birthday. He deliberately uploading Min Ho photos on social networking Me2day. The photo was taken while he was on location filming. He also writes a message on his personal account.

"Good morning. I think shooting would soon take place, so I want to leave a short note. Every year, I usually spend a birthday with my fans. But, today I am going to pass him on the set," writes Lee Min Ho in such Me2day quoted from allkpop, Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

On that occasion, also used Min Ho to thank all those who have sent congratulations to him. He also apologized for not been able to read them all.

"I'll talk to you via the 'City Hunter'. May be a day of fun. The spirit," Lee Min Ho said.

Min Ho's writings immediately got a reaction from his loyal fans. One of the fans demanded that a famous star through the series 'Boys Over Flowers' was careful during filming.

"Be careful during the action scenes in the drama. I'll enjoy the 'City Hunter'," replied one of his fans.

Currently, Lee Min Ho is busy filming the drama 'City Hunter'. Some time ago, Min Ho had had an accident. However, this man survived and suffered no serious injuries even though the car is badly damaged host.