Singers with High Vocal Range

mariah carey
Mariah Carey

HIGHEST tone: F # 7
Low Tone: D # 3
Vocal range: 4 octaves and 2 tone

- ADAM Lopez
Full Name: ADAM COSTA Lopez
Birthday: August 26, 1972
Domicile: Brisbane, Australia

Tone HIGHEST: Eb8 * although certified in the Guinness World Record is C # 8 (a tone lower)
Low tone: Eb2
Vocal Range: 6 octave!

Adam Lopez Costa is a pop musician, vocal coach, and session vocalist. He is known for its ability to produce very high tones through the whistle register and also because a very wide vocal range. Currently he holds the record Guinnness World Record for the highest tones are achieved by men - half tone above C on the 8th octave (C # 8), or half a step beyond the highest note on a standard piano! Even so, he never reached the tone Eb8 / D # 8, one tone higher than the world record, in a direct interview.

Full Name: Georgia Brown aka Rossana Monti
Birthday: June 29, 1980
Domicile: Brazil

Low tone: G2
Vocal Range: 8 octaves!

Georgia Brown, is a descendant of Italian-Brazilian singer best known for a very wide vocal range. He is listed in Guinness World Records 2005 for the shooting HIGHEST vocal tone and vocal range as it has exactly 8 octaves from G2-G10 using scientific pitch notation. G10 = 25 087 Hz tone, whereas the range of human hearing is from 20 - 20,000 Hz

Rather, shouted as loud as u want any, would not be able to reach notes that high! But how could they? Because they have the name Whistle REGISTER

So in humans there are 4 (four) registers for producing sounds:

1. Vocal Fry - Create shoot low tones / bass.
2. Capital Register - It's everyone's got! : P If we're singing as usual or use chest voice, use these registers.
3. Head Voice / falsetto - to reach for notes that can not be reached chest voice.
4. Whistle Register - well this is it! Not everyone can access this one. More info below:

Whistle register
(also called the flageolet register) is the highest phonational registers, which in most soprano begins above "high C" (C6 or 1,046.5 Hz) and usually extends to about two D above (D7 or 2349.3 Hz).

This register has a specific physiological production that is different from other registers, and called the whistle because the timbre of the tones generated from the register this sounds like a whistle. The bottom of the whistle register may overlap the top of the capital and falsetto, making it possible for singers to produce the high notes this way / different techniques. However, basically the whistle register most often used to produce tones of C6 to the top.

As with the other vocal registers, registers whistle does not start at the same point in every sound, and there are rare cases that can extend the reach of whistle is much higher or lower than the limits listed above. For example, some opera singers can sing through F "high" (F6) on C "high" (C6) without having to enter / use the whistle (only head voice / falsetto). Also, rare singers such as Georgia Brown of Brazil, which is able to sing until G10 (25087Hz), which is much higher within the usual range of the whistle register.

HIGHEST Tone: G # 7
Low Tone: G # 2
Vocal range: 5 octaves
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