Katie Holmes Admirer Kate and Pippa Middleton

Katie Holmes

After married with Prince William, Kate Middleton popularity instantly increase. So is her sister, Pippa Middleton, who seized the attention while the bridesmaids. Their style and performances are always reap praise.

Apparently, good looks and body possessed of Kate and Pippa did not escape the attention of Katie Holmes. The Royal British woman makes Katie Holmes attracted and admired them.

"I like the style of Kate and Pippa. I think they are really amazing," Katie said as quoted by Dallasnews, Tuesday, June 28, 2011.

As an admirer of Kate, Katie Holmes hope wife of Prince William it will find happiness.

"I'm happy for Kate Middleton. I wish the best for her," Katie said.

On that occasion, she also praised the new appearance of her husband, Tom Cruise, who look different to its role as a musician rocker, Stacee Jaxx on movie 'Rock of Ages'. Tom Cruise appeared with long hair and full body tattoos.

"His body looks really good and I am very interested in portraying the characters," said Katie.