Casey Stoner Commentary to Ducati and Valentino Rossi

Casey Stoner

Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner issued a scathing commentary against former team, Ducati and Valentino Rossi. Casey Stoner was assess Rossi able to Ducati because he decided to leave.

Casey Stoner spent four years with Ducati before finally returning to Honda this season. With the Italian team, the successful Stoner in MotoGP career won 23 races and became world champion in MotoGP 2007.

Casey Stoner acknowledges its relationship with the Ducati is not harmonious, especially after the third season. Rider 25 years the rate Ducati did not appreciate it.

In addition to issuing criticism of Ducati, Casey Stoner also issued a scathing commentary on Valentino Rossi who replaced Stoner at Ducati this season. The Doctor himself had difficulty with Ducati this season.

"Valentino Rossi came only because I did not renew his contract. The decision is in my hands. I go and they (Ducati) contacted him. They thought that Valentino can give great results," said Stoner told Gazzetta dello Sport ahead of the Italian GP.

"In recent years, it is not a warm relationship with Ducati. With the team everything went smoothly. It could be said with the people at the top," continued the rider from Australia.

Casey Stoner admitted relationship with Ducati even worse when he should be absent in several series of the 2009 season because of illness. "At that time I realized that I was not really a family member of the team. I have a problem and they do not help me," said Stoner.

Casey Stoner grateful to Honda team decided to leave after playing outstanding this season. entered the Italy MotoGP series at the Mugello circuit, this weekend, Stoner still leads the standings.