Emma Watson as Harry Potter Star

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has everything want teenage girls in her age, the fame and beauty. However, Emma Watson as role character Hermione Jean Granger in the film 'Harry Potter' is claimed to have never experienced the taste chased the man.

As quoted from page Femalefirst, Emma Watson assess the men are likely to feel intimidated by her popularity.

"I said to friends, why X has not called me? Why no one was chasing me?" said Watson told Style magazine.

Emma Watson friends also revealed, most likely men are afraid of intimidated. Responding to this, Emma Watson who was born 15 April 1990 was admitted hard to believe.

"That's probably because of fame. Perhaps because of the circus that surrounds me. I am as a person is difficult to believe that I can be intimidating," she explained.

Emma Watson said, she sometimes feels like a 100 year-old. However, on the other hand, she felt very young and naive.

"I was shy, sensitive, and likes to criticize ourselves. That's a bad combination," said Emma Watson.