Euro 2012 Qualifying Results

Hard competition in each group still color the Euro 2012 qualifiers. Group B, F, G, and H still shows the balance of power from every team.

Surprises happen in Group G. England host instead stuck Switzerland with the score 2-2. However, Britain is still firmly on top after Bulgaria also stuck Montenegro 1-1 in his cage.

England and Montenegro are now collecting points at 11 from five games that have been acted. New followed by Switzerland and Bulgaria are also the same collecting five points from five games. Wales became the inhabitants of the standings with points still 0.

In Group B, the Republic of Ireland are still firmly on top while collecting points in common with Russia and Slovakia which is 13 points from six games. After Russia successfully beat Armenia 3-1, the Republic of Ireland responded by beating host Macedonia 0-2. Meanwhile, Slovakia 1-0 win over Andorra guest.

In Group F, Greece firmly on top with 14 points after bending collection Malta 3-1. Greece affixed to Croatia with 13 points from six games. At number three, Israel stuck with a collection of 13 points from seven matches.

In Group H, Portugal should be trouble to secure the three points at home. Helder Postiga scored a goal Portugal against Norway lead the group despite the collection point is equal with Denmark and Norway, which is 10.

Following Euro 2012 Qualifying Results, Sunday, June 5, 2011:
Grup F
Latvia 1-2 Israel
Yunani 3-1 Malta

Grup G
England 2-2 Swiss
Montenegro 1-1 Bulgaria

Grup H
Islandia 0-2 Denmark
Portugal 1-0 Norwegia

Grup B
Rusia 3-1 Armenia
Slovakia 1-0 Andorra
Macedonia 0-2 Rep Irlandia