High Cost Ads in World

Situation of financial crisis that had worried many countries turned out to influence the company's budget for promotional and advertising activities. In fact, not accidentally, if the ads that appear after the recession there is only one.

As quoted from page VIVAnews.com and businessinsider.com on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 stated meeting of the United States association of advertising companies or the Association of National Advertisers in 2009 showed nearly 93 percent of members voted to cut the cost of promotional activities.

Pooling made a year later also showed that more than half members of the association is re-advertising companies cut the cost of marketing and promotional programs.

Before the financial crisis, companies like Chanel was never concerned about a budget of U.S. $ 33 million for a two minute advertisement in 2004. These ads featuring Hollywood actress, Nicole Kidman and director Baz Lurhrmann.

Here are the ads that have issued high cost companies:

- Carlton Draught: U.S. $ 1.5 million
Ads created in 2005 is themed epic and funny at the same time. Almost thousands of people are involved as actors in the manufacture of air-setting advertising battle between the two groups.

At the end of the ad duration 1 minute, the message to convey is, "It's great advertising and expensive, than an advertisement for selling beer is better."

- Ferrari / Shell: USD $ 4.5 million
In celebration of 60 years, ad Ferrari / Shell shows a Ferrari racing car speeding along a number of world famous locations such as the Colosseum and Time Square, New York.

At the end of the ad was made in 2007, race car was stopped for refueling at a petrol station owned by Shell, to then resume the race around the world.

- Honda: U.S. $ 6.2 million
This ad campaign is part of the Honda Accord and the product was made in 2003. Uniquely, this ad did not use the help of computer technology. The move was also the cause of this ad is so very expensive.

To make this ad takes 606 times of shooting to ensure ads perfect from beginning to end. In manufacturing, the entire visible part of the Honda car is put in a floor and encourage each other in a row. In the end, of the collision the car, seen a car parked Honda.

At the end of the ads, appeared the phrase "Is not fun when things go well?"

- Pepsi: U.S. $ 8.1 million
90-second ad that first aired in 2002 on Superbowl event, featuring Hollywood actress Britney Spears featuring the history of soft drinks during the last five decades.

Britney Spears perform with costume changes several times to suit the conditions in a given year. In every decade, Britney has always said advertising tagline created in 2002 with the phrase, "To those who think young."

- Chrysler: U.S. $ 12 million
Ads that appear first on the Superbowl game in 2011 featured Eminem as an advertising star. These ads take the setting location in Detroit is the center of automobile manufacture.

Eminen acting in commercials that are driving the vehicle with the song Lose Yourself backsound and stop at the Fox Theatre. This ad closes with a tagline, "Imported from Detroit."

- Aviva: U.S. $ 13.4 million
Aviva is an insurance product from one company in the UK. To promote the name change from the previously Norwich Union, in 2008 the company was promoting his new name.

This ad featuring many famous names such as Bruce Willis, Dame Edna, Ringo Starr, Elle Macpherson, and Alice Cooper. Such as Aviva, artists involved in this ad have changed the original name as part of their careers.

- Guinness: USD $ 16 million
To commemorate the anniversary of the company's 80th, making finance Guinness ad 'Tipping Point' which describes the collaboration of residents in small towns that make up the dominoes that Argentina would drop a book, paint box, refrigerator, even a pile of cars on a road.

At the end of the ad was made in 2007, collision equipment arrangement that forms a gallon of Guinness.

- Chanel: U.S. $ 33 million
This two-minute ad directed by Baz Lurhrmann and featured actress Nicole Kidman who plays the artist who was being chased by paparazzi. Almost the same as films made Lurhrmann entitled Moulin Rouge, Nicole then goes into a taxi in which the existing male passenger who is a young writer. Both men are finally falling in love.

In the ad that first aired in 2004, Kidman was reportedly paid USD $ 3 million.