Smartphone Users rarely use iPhone 4 for Call

Archaeologists from the Museum of Gibraltar in Spain, Kimberly Brown is a gadget freak are also said her friends think she is addicted to play her iPhone 4.

"I use this smartphone with all its potential. As a music player, camera, sms, email, internet, applications, and games," said Kimberly Brown, as quoted by CNN.

But Kimberly never use her iPhone 4 for ... call. She did not even remember the last time using her smartphone as a phone. "There are many ways to communicate with others, and the call was so disturbing today," said Kim.

Some technology watchers then said the behavior of smartphone users, such as Kimberly Brown is currently a trend. More and more people communicate using text, the more ways to communicate textually with smartphone: Starting from sms, email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Cultural use this phone as an accidental relationship with the findings of the UN World Health Organization (WHO), which mentions the risk of cancer from cellphone use. Researchers demonstrate potential risk of brain cancer when the disease is often attached to the ear phone users.

Mobile phone maker also suggested that mobile phone users to keep a distance when using the phone. Obviously, it will be more easily done by sending an sms than calls.

Create a number of people, send sms, email, or message in up better not to disturb than by phoning. With text, they can delay the time before answering (reply).

"As the development of mobile phones with these features with many functions, users have plenty of options rather than just use it to call," said Fiona Buchanan, a trend researcher mobile home in London, England.

Telecommunications researcher Ross Gagnon also shows the results of research that mentions the use of mobile phones to call is flat, while the use of mobile phones for other features is increasing.

Results of a survey conducted showed Gagnon, mobile phone users received 21 phone calls in the last 48 hours. At the same time, telephone users were receiving 55 sms text, check email 15 times, and browse the internet as much as 10 times.

"It seems really up and down. But in general clear, the phone was replaced by sms," said Gagnon.

CNN in account @cnntech also been asked to his followers about the behavior of smartphone users. Most of the claims rarely use it to call.

"Phone? What it is that phone?" said Kate Burn from Maine in response to it. "I think this is only for SMS and Twitter," she continued.