Mayweather Family absence in Hearing Pacman Pacquiao Case

United States boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father, Floyd Mayweather, did not attend the hearing which took place in Las Vegas, United States, Friday, June 17, 2011. Though both have got a court order to attend in order to answer charges of use of doping on a fellow boxer, Manny Pacquiao. Notices the absence of Mayweather notified by his attorney, Mark Tratos, just hours before the trial was held.

Both boxer, Father and son have been accused Manny Pacquiao nicknamed 'Pacman' use illicit drugs prior to the ring. Upon these allegations, both legally demanded Pacman Pacquiao.

The absence of Mayweather family is angered Pacman (Manny Pacquiao) stronghold. According to his lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, his party would continue to chase Mayweather to take responsibility for his statement. If it is proven guilty, Mayweather family must pay damages of U.S. $ 75,000.

"No appeal submitted. We will seek all means to fight Mayweather," Petrocelli said as reported by The Examiner, Saturday, June 18, 2011.

The lawsuit stemmed from an interview Floyd Mayweather Jr. in The Guardian of dubious durability Pacquiao Pacman in the ring when the two will fight in 2009. This statement was confirmed when an interview with a radio. "Because we know that Filipinos boxer Manny Pacquiao (Pacman) has been taking drugs," said Mayweather Jr. accused.