New Mode Al Qaeda Looking for Funding

After Osama bin Laden gone, Al Qaeda is believed to have difficulty funding sources. Moreover, various state government oversight of the al Qaeda money sources increasingly tightened.

"Obviously they were experiencing financial difficulties," said U.S. lawmakers, C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger as quoted

As a result, the network of Al Qaeda are now beginning to change the pattern of seeking funds to finance their operations. Al Qaeda, is now relying on kidnapping with ransom as a new mode of looking for funding. "We look at their donors are less reliable and they changed the kidnapping as a way to keep the money still comes in," said Dutch Ruppersberger.

Experts from the CIA National Counter terrorism Center, Finance Department, the FBI and the U.S. military tried to learn the source of funding Al Qaeda and bin Laden death impact on the financial future of this group. They hope to identify important donors of Al Qaeda, especially the wealthy characters in the Persian Gulf who met bin Laden while fighting in Afghanistan against the Soviets in the late 1980.

Finance Ministry officials who are under financial intelligence and terrorism, David Cohen said the U.S. focus to broken flow of funds from donors to Al Qaeda. "Supporters of al Qaeda have to wonder whether their identity has been revealed," said Cohen.

Analysts also checks the files seized from Osama bin Laden. They hope to find bank accounts, credit cards or books that describe the financial network of Al Qaeda are known to have a strict accounting.

Kidnapping with ransom is rated as a great alternative to get the operating funds of Al Qaeda, for example in the Magreb, their branch in North Africa. They use kidnapping to raise funds. The result, they become a major supplier of funds to Al Qaeda. Canadian diplomats, tourists Italian, Algerian traders have been kidnapped. The result, they could reap $ 2 million per hostage.

According to coach military counter terrorist France, Matthieu guider, Al Qaeda could reap about U.S. $ 80 million from this Magreb branch since 2008. Al Qaeda branch in Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan also apply in the same way, kidnapping.

Data from the counter-terrorism suggests there are 1264 American hostage in Pakistan in 2008. Whereas in 2009 the number increased to 3366. Most of the hostages in Pakistan are foreigners such as Chinese and American engineers working in the oil.