Norwegian Diplomats received Metal Music Course

This time Norwegian diplomats have received an unusual subject: metal music courses. The reason, for the Norway government, rock music has become part of the culture of Norwegian country that should be promoted in foreign countries.

According to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, as quoted in The Guardian newspaper of Britain, a special briefing for diplomats was considered important because music black metal from Norwegian has become a worldwide phenomenon.

"In the music course program, we present a cultural program to give a comprehensive understanding to the participants in culture and cultural industries in Norway. Music black metal is one part of this program," a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

Norwegian Diplomatic Academy was Friday last week revealed that this new course involves about 20 diplomats. According to The Guardian, music black metal at the beginning of its appearance quite controversial, as some musicians are often in trouble with the law. Now, the flow of music that has become the pride of Norway's cultural exports.