Lee Teng Hui Money Laundering in Singapore?

Lee Teng-hui a former Taiwan President will probably be back to face new charges after prosecutors gather some evidence from overseas that show Lee Teng Hui involvement in money laundering in Singapore.

As quoted from page focustaiwan.tw, Sunday, July 3, 2011, one source informed that the Division of Special Investigation have been cooperating with judicial authorities in Singapore to investigate a number of bank accounts managed by Liu Tai-ying, Lee Teng-hui assistant.

This step is taken to track the flow of funds allegedly obtained from the act of money laundering by former president of Taiwan.

Local media said Lee Teng Hui through a number of bank accounts which are authorized fully to a number of relatives Liu Tai Ying had been suspected of draining hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars to Singapore during his rule from 1988-2000.

"Investigators Taiwan till now still continue to probe a different case with the indictment that had been subjected to Lee Teng Hui," the source said, adding the SID has been summoned for questioning Liu.

Lee Teng-hui was previously charged with embezzling funds is a national savings of U.S. $ 7.79 million to establish a private non-profit organization. However, there are no criminal sanctions of imprisonment meted out to Lee Teng hui because of Lee's age factor into consideration that reached 88 years.

However, this source also denied that the former Lee's successor, Chen Shui-bian is a party who has breathed the issues of national security fund embezzlement Taiwan.

Local media reported Chen carrying Lee's activities in the trial of corruption cases that happened in September 2008.

Chen's son, Chen Hsing-yu claimed, his parents had nothing to do with the alleged embezzlement of national security. Documents brought to court a few days ago, just information about other cases.