Pippa Middleton in Crazy About Pippa event

Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton
Last time ago, after becoming a bridesmaid Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton immediate popularity soared. She is suddenly famous and many are curious about the British woman.

Popularity, it automatically changes the Pippa life. Whenever she walked, Pippa Middleton was in the spotlight. Pippa is also a target of the paparazzi like a Hollywood celebrity. Pippa Middleton became famous around the world.

Even today, the television channel TLC to make a special event associated with Pippa Middleton. The event was given the name 'Crazy About Pippa'. This hour-long event, featuring special Pippa Middleton as a single woman who is considered Britain's most qualified to be a companion.

Pippa name ever entered in Tatler magazine as the single most coveted men beat Princess Eugenie. Then she also has a loyal fan. On Facebook about 185 thousand people express love her figure. And about 238 thousand people think Pippa Middleton as the woman who most want to be dating.

From these results, there was no doubting the popularity of the 27-year-old woman. Pippa Middleton has also increasingly become a public concern.

The 'Crazy About Pippa' event will begin airing on 9 August. The event is produced by Target Entertainment. TLC is one of cable TV featuring the figure of outstanding and innovative life's moments.