Blake Lively and Leonardo diCaprio has reportedly Broken

Blake Lively
Blake Lively
Romance relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively has reportedly broken. Fresh news is circulating, Leonardo DiCaprio dumped Blake Lively because the mother did not approve of their relationship. DiCaprio has ways to mitigate the issue.

DiCaprio and Lively who are in love is seen visiting a few boutiques in Santa Barbara, California some time ago. Blake Lively and DiCaprio compact for shopping together. They are seen visiting the Solstice Sungglass Boutique.

"Blake Lively wore a white summer dress, scarf and hat. While Leonardo DiCaprio wore a baseball cap with a casual shirt," said the source quoted from Aceshowbiz.

Blake Lively fun while traveling boutique, DiCaprio looks busy replying to the message and call someone, leaning and wearing sunglasses.

"They come and go around, then they rush off when some women see them," said one employee without even mentioning his name.

Pair DiCaprio with Blake Lively began boldly outspoken when they attend the Cannes Film Festival some time ago. These lovebirds were spotted spending time together in a luxury yacht.

After that, they also seized the camera was on vacation together in Italy. Blake Lively very much hope that the love story. Stars 'Gossip Girls' expects the relationship to go smoothly and a happy ending.

However, Blake Lively seems to be patient. Love affair with DiCaprio always hit the gossip. Starting from the break till do not get the blessing from DiCaprio's mother.