the Possibility Kobe Bryant playing in Turkey

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant
This week 'lockout' period in the NBA entering the fourth week. The longer, the most magnificent basketball competition was becoming at risk of losing the importance player stars.

Turkish club, Besiktas, is exploring the possibility to get Kobe Bryant. This occurs after the Kobe Bryant agent contacted Besiktas.

"Directors will evaluate it," said Ergin Ataman, Besiktas coach, told the AP.

L.A. Lakers players were charging very high, USD $ 1 million per month. This will be a wedge for the possibility Kobe Bryant playing in Turkey.

Lockout period occurred after the players and the NBA did not meet the deal on limiting the amount of salary in each club. NBA want to suppress salary cap while the players who joined the NBAPA expect otherwise.

When the lockout is still in progress, within the scope of NBA players should not be moved, should not be signing a new contract, no transfer process and even the club could not hold a workout.

Previously, the Nets Players, Deron Williams, has agreed to strengthen Besiktas. In the contract, Deron Williams could return home if the lockout is complete.