Felma Schrimshire a Beauty Queen at 100 age

Felma Schrimshire
Felma Schrimshire

Winner beauty Queen are generally young woman with beautiful face and fantastic body shape. However, Felma Schrimshire wearing a tiara victory as a beauty queen at the age of 100.

Felma Schrimshire who became a nurse during World War II, pocketing the predicate number one in the beauty contest at an Alabama nursing home.

During the contest, Felma Schrimshire using the stage name Ms. Andalusia Manor. She beat nine other finalists. "It's something fun," said Schrimshire to oanow.com site.

"Everyone was dressed up pretty, sweet and complimented each other. It's something really great. I do not know how else to express it," she said.

Smiling woman who was then recounts some of her life. During the war, Felma Schrimshire assist surgeons. "I signed up for the Army alone because my husband can not for reasons of health. Not many women in the military at that time. I quit the next year," she recalled the story of her past.

After the lifeless of her husband, Felma Schrimshire moved to Alabama, specifically in Andalusia Manor. Where her sister is Schrimshire spend time studying the Bible.

According to John Matson from Alabama nursing home, hospitality and warmth Schrimshire make it a winner. "She actually waved to the crowd and saluted in the third part of the audience. Its appearance is also very much alive on stage," he said of the appearance Schrimshire.

"I think everyone including the jury has the right judgments," he said.