Hugo Chavez fight Cancer Disease

Hugo Chavez
President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, greeted the people from the balcony of his home in Caracas, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. In the state remains weak, he expressed his determination to fight the cancer disease.

Reporting from the Associated Press page, with all-green military dress and accompanied by two daughters, Hugo Chavez leads Venezuela national song. Then he stretched out his hand to form the cross and said, "God with us."

"Long life Venezuela, Bolivar revolution long life, long life the people of Venezuela! Latin American trade long life, long life of Fidel Castro, Cuba's long life! Long life Chavez," Chavez shouted to his supporters.

Hugo Chavez had been missing since June 10 while undergoing surgery pelvic abscess in Cuba. Only on Thursday last week, Hugo Chavez appeared and revealed the presence of cancer in his body. He is rumored to have undergone surgical removal of cancerous tumors, but cells were still spread the disease.

Chavez did not mention what he had suffered cancer. However, based on medical records, experts say Hugo Chavez is likely suffering from cancer of the colon. Chavez said he would be safe from this disease.

"We will win this battle of life," he said.

Hugo Chavez insists he still wakes up at five every day, exercising, and eating healthy foods. To supporters, he said his doctor will not let him talk for long, a maximum of 30 minutes.

"I should not be too long here, I'm still in the strict medical supervision. You know why," he said.

Due to illness, Hugo Chavez could not attend the celebration of Venezuela Independence Day, today. Typically, Hugo Chavez will act as a commander and became the center of attention at the military parade.