K-Pop made large contribution in Korean Culture

Can not be denied, the Korean fever has infected people of all ages around the world. Korean dramas and Korea Pop music has a loyal fan, especially among children and teen.

"The Korean artists have made ​​a large contribution in spreading the Korean Wave throughout the world," said Seo Kang Soo, deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea in the Korean Culture Center opening ceremony on Monday, July 18, 2011.

Admittedly also, Korean dramas and K-Pop music became the first springs to mind when people hear the name called Korea. This fosters an interest to learn about Korean culture, especially language.

Seo Kang Soo then told that he had an interesting experience related to the popularity of boyband from Korea just a concert in Indonesia some time ago. "When I met with a community of fans boyband, they complained about too high prices of tickets to watch their idol perform," he said.

According to him, one of the factors causing the high price of tickets is not bridge culture of Indonesia-Korea with structured. That's why, with the opening of the Korean cultural center in Jakarta, is expected to be a bridge of cultural exchanges between Korean and Indonesia.

"At the same time help to lower ticket prices so fans no longer disappointed when their idol concert again," he said half-jokingly, and get the applause of the audience.