Jerry Yan rumored visiting Ophthalmologist

jerry yan
Jerry yan
Handsome actor, Jerry Yan is rumored go to specialist eye doctor / ophthalmologist because of suffering from eye infections. As quoted from page Xin.msn, some time ago, star of 'Meteor Garden' was seen visiting ophthalmologist at midnight.

Doctors who deal with Jerry rumored delay recess for the actor and looks clean Jerry Yan eyes with a special saline solution before applying the treatment. About 15 minutes later, Jerry Yan was seen leaving the clinic.

Management Jerry said, the main opponent Ella Chen in the series 'Down With Love' asked the doctor to wait. Because the schedule Jerry Yan in Taiwan is quite dense. Doctors said the infection of the Jerry's eye due to excessive fatigue.

Two years ago, Jerry Yan had experienced inflammation of the cornea after a shooting film 'Down with Love' until midnight. Then in late February, Jerry Yan is also rumored to have an eye infection.

Meanwhile, during filming in Shanghai last year, Jerry left eye was swollen from fatigue. At that time he was diagnosed with pink eye / conjunctivitis. However, Jerry Yan recovered after 2-3 days of rest.