President Ollanta Humala announced Raising the Minimum Wage

Ollanta Humala
Ollanta Humala

When inducted into the Peru President, Ollanta Humala immediately issued a policy is awaited people: raising the minimum wage along with benefits for the retired. President Ollanta Humala was also preparing a program to raise the living standards of the poor.

According to The Wall Street Journal, populist policies that directly expressed over Ollanta Humala inaugurated becomes president of Peru on Thursday. This policy is different from that applied to his predecessor, Alan Garcia, who successfully brought economic progress to Peru, but criticized the lack of attention to indigenous businesses and environmental conservation.

In his speech, President Humala announced an increase in the minimum wage by 25 percent to 750 soles. Application of the increase lasted two stages. Moreover, President Ollanta Humala raise benefits for the retirees - who are over 65 years - but the amount was not disclosed.

In the last election campaign, Ollanta Humala stated that the source of funding for social welfare programs that he's fighting for, partly from policy to raise taxes for mining companies. However, he did not explain details of the tax increase, because it still must be negotiated between the mining companies and the government.

"Peru will be a place where everyone is entitled to enjoy the same rights for the sake of prosperity and happiness," said President Humala, who told the news station CNN. "Economic growth and social welfare should go hand in hand," said Ollanta Humala.

Before plunging into politics, Ollanta Humala is a military officer and after his retirement he founded the Nationalist Party of Peru in 2005. 49-year-old leader had failed in the Presidential Election 2006. However, five years later, he managed to win the election in the second round, beating Keiko Fujimori.