China Blocking Social Networking Google+

Fresh news of China government blocking new social networking, Google +, a few days after launch. Blocking is because Google+ is still using the Domin, which is still blocked in China. Google+ using domain addresses
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As quoted from The Guardian, the Chinese government to censor the number of sites based outside of China. The reason, a number of sites that contain some content that is "destabilizing", such as pornography and not presentable.

In addition to Google+, China has previously to block against social network Facebook and Twitter. To find out what sites are blocked in China, you can check in

Based on the site, can not be accessed from Beijing, Shenzhen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjuang Province and Yunnan Province.

China indeed has blocked Google's long ago. This caused Google to withdraw from mainland China in 2010, after suspecting China behind the hacking attacks are trying to get into Google's internal security system. This suspicion is based on information that targeted, among other data the Human Rights activists in China.

Not only, Google-based domain even in China,, is also blocked. China also provides a site search engine as a replacement for Google.

Google is making Google+ to rival social network Facebook, which is now used by 700 million users. In the initial launch, Google+ could stop new sign-ups. This is due to the many requests of Internet users to have an account on Google+.

"We closed temporary invitation mechanism (to own account) tonight. Request craze. We need to do this carefully and controlled. Thank you for your interest," said Vic Gundotra, one of Google's top programmers, on Thursday morning ( or about Wednesday night, 20:45 pm Pacific time Google's part).