some False Fact about Acne


Face with acne of course interfere with performance. Not only that, the presence of acne on the face of reduced confidence, especially for women.

Not surprisingly, many women who perform a variety of ways to get rid of acne. It's just that there are some false fact about acne.

Sunlight makes pimples disappear?
The sun makes the skin thicker and darker, so the pimples will dry and make acne become invisible. When the brownish color of the skin disappear, acne will come back again. The skin will also be damaged.

Treating acne with lotions and ointments are useless. Signal in the form of acne can be caused due to stomach that is not healthy because the body's immune system is weakened. An experienced esthetician will recommend you to be examined by a gynecologist or andrologist, endocrinology or immunology.

Manure Causes Acne
If you do not wash your face for weeks, maybe there is something that emerged more than a pimple on the face. So, start to diligently clean the face.

But also not too excessive. Simply twice daily to clean face. Because the use of excessive soap or lotion instead it will make the skin dry and cause an infection in the face.

Fatty and sweet foods cause acne
To date there are no scientific studies that show an association between the occurrence of acne by eat certain foods. Obese people have acne that is not so much compared to skinny people. In other words, fat is absorbed by a person not make the cause of acne in a person.