Angry Birds has 1 billion Worldwide Fans

Angry Birds
Angry Birds
We are know Angry Birds is game that makes players addiction. No wonder if Rovio, game developers Angry Birds, called the application of this game has been downloaded more than 300 million times.

Rovio leader, Peter Vesterbacka said, Rovio is now targeting the Angry Birds game has 1 billion worldwide fans. This target is said to Vesterbacka at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference.

To achieve this target, the maker of this game will develop products about pig destroyer fierce bird. If during this "Angry Birds" is known in the gaming applications iPhone, iPad, or Android, the Rovio will develop its franchise into other forms, be it toys or merchandise.

In addition, the "Angry Birds" is also prepared in the form of animated series, films, series, book series, even a recipe book for a special egg dishes.

"We have been warned not to make movies, television series, and toys," said Vesterbacka. "But we have sold more than 8 million toys. If you have a strong brand, you certainly can do anything," he continued.

Game players 'Angry Birds' are always trying to finish every level in the game, by asking these birds to the target, namely the pig who stole the egg. However, the player is always difficult because the pig took refuge in forts made of wood and stone.

was intentionally designed the game with balance. Players made the challenge, and frustrated because of difficulty completing each level of play. Strategy is what makes this game addicts continues to grow.

"It's important to not blame the players. There is a great feeling when we finally made it through the difficult level, although many days we try to pass," said Vesterbacka.

Although managed to become popular, not merely Vesterbacka call Rovio shaded luck. "We have made 51 games before the 'Angry Birds', so success can not be achieved overnight," he said.