Shane Mosley loses three Belt Champion cause Divorce

shane mosley
Shane Mosley
America Boxer Shane Mosley is not only lost custody of his three children. Mosley divorce from his wife, Jin Mosley, also cause the United States boxer loses three belt champion who desperately grab him in the ring.

As quoted from page, Shane Mosley was forced to immediately hand over all three belts champion to Jin. This is part of the division of divorce property after both officially divorced.

Court's decision to give custody to the Jin. While the three belt champion Mosley will be awarded to three (Najee Jamarr, Taiseki Justin, and Mee-Yon Jinae) when they are already at the age of 18.

Shane Mosley was also asked to set aside revenue to Jin. Among others, from the sale of DVD games, including when he met such a great boxer, Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, and Fernando Vargas.

Since Shane Mosley divorced with Jin in California, Jin has got half of the income Mosley during their marriage. Luckily, Mosley does not need to divide the money he gets from dueling vs. Manny Pacquio.

In this match, Shane Mosley received a fee of USD 3 million. American boxer ring named Sugar is no need to share because this fight was called after he official divorce with Jin.