Cecilia Cheung refused to sign the divorce papers

Cecilia Cheung
Cecilia Cheung
Divorce of the Hongkong artist couple, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung will be tough. Cecilia Cheung reportedly refused to sign the divorce papers.

Nicholas Tse was mentioned to resolve the household with Cecilia Cheung. However, with Cheung's refusal to sign the divorce papers, then the wishes of Hong Kong top actors would not be granted. He probably had to wait another year to be inaugurated his divorce.

According to sources, Nicholas Tse hurry to get divorced from Cheung's not because he wanted to immediately assume the status of widower. Nicholas Tse has its own reasons. After the divorce is complete, he wants more focus on career as an actor and also get custody of his two children. He will take care of two children.

As quoted from Xin.Msn, during this, Nicholas Tse know Cecilia Cheung always brings his first son every Cheung abroad, whether for business or leisure. Nicholas Tse so difficult to see the son of his heart. And supposedly that's what makes Nicholas Tse disappointed with the Cecilia Cheung attitude.

Because of this, their children it's too late to register to school kindergarten. And Nicholas Tse consider it as a loss for his son who had to wait another year to go to school.