Jerry Yan and Celia Zhang had Date

Jerry Yan
Jerry Yan

Korean actor Jerry Yan is one actor who rarely expose his love story. He always tried to cover up friendships with many women who are also celebrities.

And latest news saying, Jerry Yan star of 'Meteor Garden' is currently dating a model named Celia Zhang. The news was widely closeness the couple began talking about when it spotted the couple spending time together at a karaoke place.

As quoted from Xin.Msn, when Jerry Yan and Celia Zhang wanted a break after singing satisfied, the eyes of the couple looked at each other lovingly. In fact, Jerry Yan asked Zhang to call him.

Reportedly, Celia Zhang and Jerry Yan had several dates. According to sources, the couple was not officially become lovers but are heading toward romance.

However, the news was immediately rebutted Jerry Yan manager. Jerry's manager confirmed the proximity of the two is only as good friends nothing more.

Jerry Yan is one of the Asian actor who has a fanatical fan. Heard Jerry has a new girlfriend turns out not to cause jealousies fans the stars 'Down With Love' is. Instead, they expressed support and happy if his idol star that has a lover.

Previously, Jerry Yan had a romantic relationship with model Lin Chi-ling and actress Terri Kwan.