Hyun Bin Book: I am Marine

Hyun Bin marine
Hyun Bin marine

South Korean actor in the rising popularity, Hyun Bin should be conscripted. The task of the country would lived for two years. Hyun Bin will be releasing a book containing his experiences of his military duties.

The Hyun Bin book will be titled 'I'm Marine'. In this book will fill a number of Hyun Bin photos during his military duties. In Hyun Bin book, he will tell about the Marine Corps Korea and also himself. In the book will describe the soldiers entered the camp from start to undergo training and are placed in the army.

"I want to find myself another during live it not as a famous actor Hyun Bin. I want to figure out what I do not know," said Hyun Bin in his book, as quoted by the Daily K Pop, Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

Hyun Bin was getting a lot of new experiences during his military duties.

Korean sites, YES24 will sell the book. This site features several photos of stars 'Secret Garden' as a Marine. In addition to the drawings, there are some comments from the actor whose real name is Kim Tae Pyung.

The pictures Hyun Bin in marine uniforms immediately get a positive response from the public. They said he was happy to see Hyun Bin in uniform. However, there is also worried about the actor.

"He looked handsome in his short-cropped hair. He must be tired of doing all of this," said the netizen.

Hyun Bin into a military camp since last March. Currently, he has been occupied with troops in Baeknyeong Island. The plan, book 'I'm Marine' will be released in August.