McLaren team was Fined because Jenson Button Tire Car

jenson button
Jenson Button

Today McLaren team was fined € 5,000 because they neglect the safety pitstop at the British Grand Prix, Sunday, July 10, 2011. Lollipop man (the officer carrying signs in front of the driver) has invited McLaren racer Jenson Button to drive while the nut tire is not installed perfectly.

This omission also makes Jenson Button failed to finish the race because the tire apart. Yet when it was Jenson Button in the middle compete fiercely with Red Bull racer Mark Webber in the race for fourth position.

"It should be a lot of things can happen in my race today. But when I entered the pit lane, my right front tire came off and had to stop immediately," complained Jenson Button as reported by ITV.

According to Button it could happen because of minor errors. The officer who installed the right front tire car loses nuts and try to replace it. When he turned around to look for nuts, hand the clerk was trying to escape from the tire replacement. According to the lollipop man, that's a sign if the tire was over handled and Jenson Button ready to go.

"Hopefully things like this do not happen again," said Jenson Button.

Besides McLaren, Sauber team also fined € 20,000 after allowing riders, Kamui Kobayashi, drove into the path of William team during pitstop. Officers also give Kobayashi a penalty 10 seconds because of the incident. Kobayashi itself failed to continue the race due to technical defects.