South Sudan joined the African Union

Recently South Sudan has now officially joined the African Union as the 54th member. It has established a new state sovereignty which is located in the East African region.

CNN's launch, on July 29, 2011, South Sudan get majority voice to join the bloc countries of Africa. One of the countries that helped give her voice is Sudan.

Southern Sudan is the newest member of the African Union, after Eritrea, which split from Ethiopia in 1993. On 14 July, the country has also become a member of the United Nations.

Southern Sudan officially secede from Sudan in January through a referendum. South Sudan's sovereignty is at once an end to decades of civil war between the two regions that have been swallowed millions of casualties.

South Sudan Independence is part of the peace agreement made ​​in 2005 between Sudanese Muslim-dominated northern part of the Sudanese Arab-dominated southern black Christians and animists.

However, South Sudan recently divorced name only with Sudan, since the two countries have not reached agreement on the boundaries, oil, or citizenship status. With the influx of South Sudan as a member of the African Union, it is hoped these issues can be resolved.