Jiang Zemin Rumored Seriously illness

Jiang Zemin

Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin is long time not been seen in public, so, Jiang Zemin rumored to died, or at least seriously illness. In fact, the Chinese government strongly denied these rumors.

Reporting from The Guardian pages, Thursday, July 7, 2011, turmoil surrounding the condition Jiang Zemin began his absence at the event marking the 60th year of the Communist Party of China, beginning in July. Previously, years ago, he attended the ceremony in Sichuan province with a car being followed by an ambulance, implying a worsening health condition.

Due to this, the media in Hong Kong television broadcast news that Jiang Zemin had died because of severe pain. This information is directly forwarded all over the country and neighboring countries, including Japan and South Korea.

China news agency, Xinhua, refuted the death of a man 84 years. Rebuttal is only delivered in one short sentence, without further explanation. "Reports on various foreign media regarding Zemin's death from illness is just rumors," Xinhua said.

Despite denials have been issued, but the rumor is predicted to continue growing. This is partly due to the Chinese government's reluctance to reveal the circumstances of former President who has served for 20 years.

The Chinese government also blocked the search for Jiang Zemin on the internet. In the search engine in China, users will be treated to the words "search results can not be displayed because of legal reasons and policy" when typing Jiang Zemin.