Amazing Football Talented Boy from Netherlands 1.5 year old

YouTube not only able to turn someone into a top singer or celebrity, but also a professional athlete. Like the boy of 18 months experience, Van der Meij, who won the 10-year contract from Dutch Eredivise club, VVV Venlo.

It began when the parents to upload videos containing van der Meij action playing ball. Through a free kick as far as 1.5 meters, van der Meij success include three ball accurately to his toy box.

Until Sunday, May 1, 2011, has over 800 thousand people watching a video on youtube titled 'Amazing football / soccer talented boy from the Netherlands 1.5 year old !!!!' it on YouTube.

Impressed watching the action of the boy in the video duration of 20 minutes, VVV Venlo immediately handed professional contracts for 10 years. VVV Venlo sure the boy could become a star in the future.

"The position for the boy has not been determined. What is certain he is a player kick the right foot with good technique, he also has football genes from his grandfather. We want him to succeed a career in soccer," the statement VVV Venlo, as quoted by the Daily Mail.