Pippa Middleton Sexy Photo

pippa middleton

The higher the tree, the wind blew harder. That is what experienced by Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton younger sister, the wife of Prince William. Once hailed by the public because to Pippa Middleton appearance at the wedding of Prince William and Kate, Pippa Middleton now must face the problem because a number of sexy photographs suddenly circulating on the Internet.

As quoted from USmagazine.com, in a photograph, Pippa Middleton who only wore a white skirt and a purple bra seen dancing with a man who does not know his name. Meanwhile, the men also appeared wearing only boxer shorts in plaid.

Behind them see a few bottles of liquor. Until now, not yet known when and where the photo was taken. Meanwhile, her other brother, namely James Middleton also stumble half-naked photos of cases.

A photo shows a younger brother 23-year-old Kate wearing only boxer shorts. According to one source, the image is actually not for public consumption.

It is a personal photo Pippa Middleton taken from the Facebook account James. Someone managed to get into the account James and publish it.

"The images are not made ​​public. The photo on my profile Facebook for James that has been set private. However, someone managed to enter and retrieve it," he said.