Secret Antidote to Bad Breath Smell

If you have bad breath problem (breath odor) really annoying. In addition to create a feeling of lack of confidence in the association, the smell of bad breath also make the mouth feel uncomfortable.

When the toothbrush is not able to handle it, try eating apples. In South Korea, consumption of apples into a secret antidote to bad breath smell. Worked like a mint aroma powerful ward off bad breath.

A number of South Korean researchers conducted a study to look for natural foods exterminator bad breath. Bad breath is a problem in the country's plural because of the many restaurants or typical dishes that use a strong garlic flavor.

After going through various experiments, they concluded that chewing an apple can restore fresh breath and expel bad breath odor.

"We hope that many more people who produce apple species with more powerful functions to control the smell of food consumed, at least within the next two years," said Hwang Hye-sung, a South Korean researcher, as quoted from Weird News.

Hye-sung advised local people to get used to put apples in the bag. This is important, for a farewell kiss after a romantic dinner did not end badly. "Apples to be the fruit that is able to naturally freshen breath, remove pieces of food stuck in teeth," he said.

Although there are still some researchers are skeptical about this effect, there's no harm in trying. Because, as beautiful and as handsome as anything, people will lose appeal if you have bad breath smell. That's why maintaining the freshness of breath is essential for supporting the appearance of perfection.