Barbie Hsu Rumored to be Pregnant

After marriage, there were drastic changes in the body's Barbie Hsu. Wife of Chinese entrepreneurs, Wang Xiaofei, it looks more fat than usual. Because of that, the artist is rumored to be pregnant.

Not only the body of a stretchy, Barbie Hsu is usually performed with full makeup, cameras caught only use minimal makeup with red cheeks and chin doubled. At the time, Barbie Hsu and her husband were in a restaurant in Beijing. They are not just two, the couple invited as well as their close friends in such a singer A-Mei and Na Ying for dinner together.

As quoted from xinmsn, the arrival of the couple was immediately attracted the attention of journalists. A number of journalists gathered at the diner. However, their movement is limited, because Hsu's husband has sent his assistant to keep the reporters.

Meanwhile, via twitter his 34-year-old artist, asked the media to go from house to eat it.

"To the media, you have to work hard. I do not think you guys will come. You know, we can not end our meeting. So, better, returned to the house," said Barbie Hsu.

After waiting, finally the meeting was finished. Artists from Taiwan with her husband was headed straight back to their apartment.

Starring Sancai in the series 'Meteor Garden' is wearing a baggy black pants and a scarf and dark gray color. Strong allegations about Barbie Hsu pregnancy getting stronger because the long-haired artist who usually comes with high-heeled shoes that appear to use flat-heeled shoes and walk slowly. She also covers her stomach with a bag.

If Barbie Hsu was impressed with the news of her pregnancy relaxed, different reactions are shown in Hsu's mother. She asked the media to stop discussing weight issues growing Barbie Hsu. "It's taboo. Little her weight did not change anything," said Hsu's mother.

Pregnancy issue has been around since long. After officially married to Wang Xiaofei, Barbie Hsu does look fatter than usual. However, ex-boyfriend Vic Zhou is not willing to discuss it.