Smart Personal Computer called HP TouchSmart 610

Although some IT vendors vying release tablet computers were HP (Hewlett Packard) instead launch smart Gadgets Personal Computers (PC). The difference, Smart Personal Computer called the HP TouchSmart 610 provides a solution for the whole family. In addition, this PC can smart enough to answer the needs of its users.

HP TouchSmart610 Desktop PC is the first smart PC with a monitor capable Reclining up to 60 degrees. "The ability that makes the user can adjust the degree of slope of the monitor according to the convenience," said Jane Ritonga, Market Development Manager for consumer PCs, HP Indonesia when Launching product in Sherraton Hotel, Embong Malang street, Surabaya.

HP TouchSmart 610 is also equipped to optimize the touch experience in embedded applications. Therefore, this gadget is powered by Intel Core i5 Processor with Serial ATA Hard Drive 7200 RPM. Coupled with the quality that came with very high quality webcam. There are two options for this series depends on the big screen. "For a 20 Inch sold for $ 1,099 and 23 inch for $ 1,400," he said.

For applications, the HP TouchSmart 610 equipped with RecipeBox. This application is exclusive who deliberately planted by Hewlett Packard. ReciBox is perfect for the mom-housewife to download a number of recipes. As for game enthusiasts, the HP TouchSmart 610 is equipped with real time Ruse Stretegy game from Ubisoft.

"For this game if the download original require a fee of 49.99 USD but the HP TouchSmart 610 living enjoyed it," he added.

Not to forget also features Audio. HP TouchSmart 610 planted Beats Audio technology. This technology is high perform developed by Hewlett Packard and Beats by Dr. Dre. "Beats Audio makes the listener can hear the music as the original that sounded studio," he said.