Predictions Who will Win in Match Final Champions League 2011

Match Final Champions League 2011 which brought Barcelona versus Manchester United make the lovers of the football began to give their respective predictions. No exception of former players who ever won in previous years.

Of the 10 former players who ever won the Champions League titles, eight of them turned out to sponsor Barca (Barcelona FC). Only one player who sponsor Manchester United and the rest to be fair with no definite choice.

"This is the final and finished the match special. But I think Barcelona is favored compared to Manchester," said Didier Deschamps who won the Champions League with Marseille in 1993 and Juventus in 1996.

The same is submitted Eusebio Sacristan (Barcelona champion 1992), Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid 1998, 2000, and 2002), Franco Baresi (Milan, 1989, 1990, and 1994), and Luis Suarez (Inter Milan 1964 and 1965).

"In between the two teams (finalists) Barca is my favorite. However, Manchester can be difficult. So this final party will walk interesting," Baresi said as quoted by Sport STV.

Barca also extended support to Gary Mills (Nottingham Forest 1980), Lars Ricken (Borussia Dortmund 1997), and Wim Jansen (Feyenoord 1970). "I think Barcelona will win 3-1," said Ricken.

While the sole supporter of MU is Des Bremner, strengthen Aston Villa in the final of 1982. "There's only one team that wins in the final and it is Manchester United. I think (the score) 2-1," said Bremner.

Robert Prosinečki as a winner in the final in 1991 with Red Star Belgrade took a wise step by impartial one team will win. "The two best teams in the finals, Barca is my fans. I think they are the best team in the world and just have a little differences with Manchester United. But, this is the final and I can only tell you that there will be the winner. "