Family Wife of Osama Not sighted Extreme

The fifth wife of Osama bin Laden,Amal al-Sadah had been regarded as a mysterious figure. As Osama's favorite wife, Amal al-Sadah became the last person who accompanied al-Qaeda leader Osama before a bullet fired Navy Seals special forces ended the life of bin Laden.

But, Amal al-Sadah it has been known as a polite women's but taciturn nan sociable and confident. This was disclosed Ahmad, one of the relatives of Amal al-Sadah, who also grew up with Amal al-Sadah.

Amal al-Sadah, Ahmad said, comes from the illustrious family in Yemen. Although raised in a conservative culture, but the Amal family had no connection with Al Qaeda before the Amal al-Sadah wedding with Osama.

"Amal al-Sadah Family is a large family at IBB. Just like any other family in Yemen, they sighted conservative. However, they live in a modern, if compared to other Arab families," said Ahmad, as quoted by CNN.

"The hard is distinguished and famous families. They do not have extremist views, though has a conservative background," said Ahmad explained parents and sister Amal.

Ahmad later explained, the Amal al-Sadah family pressed the Yemeni government does not speak to the media. "The government considers the information and the responses they give will be misinterpreted and could hurt the families," said Ahmad.

Ahmad explained, after marriage, Osama does not want to Amal al-Sadah break with ancestral land, Yemen. However, families do not want to talk about Amal, because it could endanger the Amal al-Sadah and the family. "The family knew of the dangers if talking about it. Even if anyone asked, they would avoid," said Ahmad.

Sheikh Mohammed Rashed Saeed Ismail, leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen, said a person who set the wedding Amal al-Sadah with Osama. "I have a set match Amal al-Sadah. She is my disciple," said Saeed Ismail recognition to the Yemen Post in 2008.

Amal al-Sadah marry Osama, known as Ismail, has a good reason. "Although very young age, he is very religious. She also believes the same thing with Bin Laden," said Saeed Ismail.

At that time, Osama's personal bodyguard, Abu Jandal, was sent to send a dowry. "Syeik giving money to U.S. $ 5,000 and asked me to send it to someone in Yemen. The person that gave dowry to the family of the girl," said Abu Jandal, such as Al Quds Al Arabi published in 2005.