Mount Grimsvotn in Iceland Eruption

Mount Grimsvotn in Iceland, began experiencing eruptions. However Grimsvotn volcano eruption is not expected to cause chaos as Eyjafjallajokull flight last year.

Icelandic Meteorological Office confirmed that an eruption has begun at Grimsvton volcano, accompanied by small earthquakes. Seen smoke rising from the volcano, which lies under the Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland.

Fly zones have also been established as far as 220 miles from all directions eruption. Isavia, the company that operates and develops all airport facilities and air navigation services in Iceland, said that it is standard procedure in the vicinity of the eruption.

"Cloud of smoke had reached a height of flying the plane. And have made plans for the aircraft, through the Icelandic air control room, to fly to the south" spokesman Isavia, Godmundsdottir, as quoted by the Associated Press, Sunday, May 22, 2011.

Grimsvotn Mount last erupted in 2004. Scientists have predicted a new eruption and said earlier that the volcanic eruption is likely smaller so it will not cause air chaos as happened in April 2010 by the eruption Eyjafjallajokull.

History shows that the eruption Grimsvotn not have much effect on air traffic, unlike last year's disturbances.

Geophysicist at the University of Iceland said last year's eruption is an eruption last year is a rare occurrence. "Ash in Eyjafjallajokull very strong and unrelenting" Einarsson said.

"Ash in Grimsvotn more rough and not dangerous because of falling to the ground faster and not stay in the air like eruptions Eyjafjallajokull."